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"After doing research, I contacted SoHeye and immediately recognized why Mr. Cowan was highly recommended.  He listened to what I wanted, gave me creative suggestions and the end product led to an increase in business.  Mr. Cowan has an eye for bringing life into videography.  From now on, SoHeye will be my go-to!"

– J. Monroe, Business Owner

Looking Toward The Future

The future is never ahead, it is now. Did you know that Drones are being used for everything from film, weddings, real estate, to inspections, sporting events,  private parties, etc.? What's more is that the majority of aerial footage shown in many commercials and even nature documentaries are no longer being shot with helicopters, but are usually taken using UAV systems.

DJI Mavic Pro

Showing You The Unseen

SoHeye is an aerial photography and videography company that cares about your vision, and holds high standards in professionalism and quality. Capturing mind-bending views both safely and efficiently just for you. We want to take you to places unseen by showing you what these aerial crafts really have to offer.

Immortalizing Your Memories

Whether it’s helping your company with cinematic photos, views, inspections, or capturing important moments in your life that you wish to immortalize and share with friends and family. We can take you to the places that one could only dream using virtual reality headsets or state of the art first-person goggles.

Downtown Charlotte Skyline Aerial Shot

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