About Us


About Us

What is SoHeye?

SoHeye Productions, pronounced "So High", is an aerial Photography and Videography company based out of Charlotte, NC. For the best quality, we use UAV systems such as The DJI Phantom and Mavic Pro. With 4K resolution cameras, we specialize in setting high standards and giving the client high quality footage, which gives an edge over any competition. No matter what the client may need, we are here to help.

Who is the Pilot?

CEO and founder Obray Cowan is a graduate from FullSail University’s 3D Animation program in Winter Park, FL. As a Charlotte native, his expertise and knowledge in film and video can be utilized to fit any client’s want or need. He is also an FAA Part 107 certified Pilot that is knowledgeable in both maneuvering and safety of these aerial crafts, as well as providing quality footage and edits.

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What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to provide you, the client, with high quality imagery. Whether it is through photographs or videos, we are providing you with a product from many different angles and perspectives.  We are telling your story and creating something that can help your brand and business grow.

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What are Our Certifications?

All pilots are insured and certified with both the Federal Aviation Administration and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. To view more about the organizations, click on the images below.

  • SoHeye Productions, LLC is approved and legal to operate drones under part 107 by the FAA.
  • SoHeye Productions, LLC  holds an NCDOT Operator permit which allows us to operate commercially in NC. This permit is required by all drone operators who choose to operate under part 107 outlined by the FAA. Operators must also possess a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA.