"Strangers" Drone Footage



Take a look at some of the customer and general feedback for both Obray and SoHeye.

"We contracted the services of SoHeye Aerial Productions for our Fall Bazaar at the Old Nick Williams Co. Farm and distillery this past Fall. We wanted a fresh and exciting way to showcase our vendors, the event itself as well as our process inside the distillery. We felt that the typical photography and video scene were both played out and that aerial footage would open possibilities for shots that we've only imagined.  Obray did an incredible job shooting from an array of different angles and was able to capture breathtaking video of the property and production area throughout every step of the process.  The finished product was outstanding and we were able to pass it along to our vendors to use in their future marketing campaigns as well as provide us with everlasting memories.  We would certainly recommend SoHeye Productions for any event that you want to cherish forever!"

- Z. Williams, The Old Nick Williams Co. Farm and Distillery

"Mr. Cowan has one of the most creative minds I've ever met.  He was able to capture perspectives I hadn't seen before and provided me and my clients with a story.  I could tell from the start that he pours his heart and soul into each endeavor and, given his background and eye for design, it's no surprise that my final product exceeded my expectations. I would most definitely recommend SoHeye."

- D. Pinnix, PNX Works Owner

"Obray Cowan made my videography experience seamless! I was initially unsure which way to go with the video but he is so creative and was able to help brainstorm and provide me with suggestions I didn't know existed. His work is outstanding. Will definitely use him again and recommend his work to anyone."

- A. Lejasbunde, Business Owner

"After doing research, I contacted SoHeye and immediately recognized why Mr. Cowan was highly recommended.  He listened to what I wanted, gave me creative suggestions and the end product led to an increase in business.  Mr. Cowan has an eye for bringing life into videography.  From now on, SoHeye will be my go-to!"

- J. Monroe, Business Owner