SoHeye Productions creates opportunities with construction companies in monitoring and tracking, gathering valuable data, and increased levels of communication. Project stakeholders invest in drone footage for visuals and time-lapsed videos to ensure a project's success.

Developmental Construction

Visual aides showcase critical steps in areas of improvement and avoiding costly mistakes.

SoHeye's aerial craft capabilities allow for smooth progression in such endeavors. Use aerial photos and videos to effectively monitor and track the progress of your projects. Using high-resolution images, 4K & HD quality video, and easily downloadable and shareable files, this allows the development of a project to go as smoothly as possible.



Inspection on a project is critical in resolving problem areas that could jeopardize progression.

Large-scale projects will need mapping to cover every area possible to gather valuable data. Drone technology allows for geo-referencing. Geo-referenced maps can provide added insight into your work. This allows for easier visualization by demonstrating reference points, current features, landmarks, and more.


Land Surveying

Before a project can commence, surveying the property is important in knowing what it provides and limits for development.

Using drone technology to survey land helps aid client's with an aerial view of what is possible. This also allows for better communication within the developmental teams. Provide project stakeholders with visual evidence of your project’s progress, as well as real-time calculations with easily shareable and downloadable files.