Aerial footage provides endless amounts of opportunities for the entertainment industry and other companies. Being able to see the wonders of the world, capturing occasions with those close to us, viewing events in full mind-bending perspectives. UAV systems can provide it all in stunning 4K resolution for everyone to enjoy.

Aerial Shots

Seeing the world from a higher point-of-view. The aerial shot provides a dynamic perspective of the world in a scaled image.

SoHeye Productions creates aerial shots that convey a sense of omniscience in being able to view such a large span of area in a single view. The use of aerial photography with UAV's allows for limitless opportunity's for what can be taken in one shot. This is necessary for land-use planning, cartography, mapping, surveillance, and more.


Nature Shots

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With drone-captured nature shots, the mysticism of nature can be witnessed in all of its glory.

Nature photography displays the natural elements of life in its most pristine form, providing audiences with incredible details to observe. Whether it is a shot of a calming lake, the roar of an immense waterfall, a small island, or even the top of mountain peaks, SoHeye's aerial craft photography can capture it all.



What are Zooms?

Zooms are aerial pans from a location where our UAV systems fly either back and forth, or up and down. With added edits, they can be utilized for social media accounts, such as Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook and other personal websites etc.

Zooms provide the aerial experience from a bird's-eye view that can only be described with one word "breathtaking".